Sambal Fried Potatoes Bark'Sambal Bajak'

Sambal Fried Potatoes Bark'Sambal Bajak'

Sambal fried potatoes bark (chili sauce) is one of my family's favorite menu. Every Eid, mom always made chili fried cow liver. Hmmm, delicious taste, spicy and sweet. I always asked for sambal fried barkbecause it's one of my favorite foods. Sambal fried liver is also called 'sambal pirate' or 'sambal bajak'. Strange name, yes, I do not know why it can be called sambal bajak.hehe ... 

Usually, sambal fried liver eaten as side dishes, along with oseng potatoes, chicken opor, and crackers. Hmmm,, truly describes the atmosphere of Eid. But the liver can also be mixed with sambal fried potatoes so thename is sambal fried potatoes liver/bark. Liver which can be used beef liver or chicken liver, according to taste. If I prefer beef liver because it smells savory and delicious. Well, Want to know the recipe? Here goes .. 

250 grams of beef liver or chicken liver, boiled first and a little salt, diced  
250 g diced potato, fried  

20 large red chilli, mashed  
5 cloves garlic, crushed  
200 grams of cayenne pepper, crushed  
75 g brown sugar  
100 g tomatoes, diced  
1 vertebra galangal, smashed  
2 bay leaves  
1 stalk lemongrass 
1 teaspoon salt 

1. Saute garlic until wilted, put red chili and cayenne pepper. Stir and wait until half dry.  
2. Enter the tomatoes, mix well and wait until dry.  
3. Enter the bay leaves, salt, lemon grass and galangal. Mix well.  
4. Enter the brown sugar, stirring until smooth.  
5. Enter the beef liver or chicken, stir and cook until blended.  
6. Enter fries dice. Mix well and cook until all well blended.
Good luck. You must try the menu on this one because it was very delicious and tasty. I'm just addicted to,, hehe .. 

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