Special Tomato Chili Sauce Recipe, Hot and Tasty

Special Tomato Chili Sauce Recipe, Hot and Tasty

Sambal is one of my favorite foods. Tomato chili sauce is smoothed with certain spices. Since I like spicy taste, the sauce becomes mandatory as a rice companion. What I liked best was the tomato chili sauce my mother made, hmmmm feels good. Taste spicy tomato sauce, sweet, just  steady  and mak nyuuussss deh! 

There are several types of chili sauce such as doormat [sambal kosek] (raw chilli mashed with garlic, salt, and a little sugar),
pirate sambal [sambal bajak]  (liver sauce), tomato sauce, garlic sauce, eggplant sauce, sambal tempeh, sauce raw, cooked sauce, chilli potatoes , and many others. 

Well, since I like tomato chili sauce, I'll post the recipe and how to make tomato sauce. This is the recipe: 


200 grams of fresh chilli (red pepper), mashed  
50 g cayenne pepper, crushed 
175 gr fresh tomatoes  
6 cloves garlic  
50 gr sugar  
salt to taste 
oil for sauteing 
How To Cook : 

1. Heat oil for sauteing  
2. Add garlic that has been sliced, saute until wilted  
3. Enter the cayenne pepper and red chilli paste, stir-fry until slightly dry. 
 4. Enter thinly sliced ​​tomatoes  
5. Stir tomatoes with a bit pressured to become more subtle.  
6. Wait a while until it was rather dry.  
7. Enter the palm sugar and salt, stirring until blended.  
8. Tomato sauce ready to serve. 

The most delicious tomato sauce served with fried tempeh, sliced ​​cucumber, spinach, and hot rice. Huh huh ... So hot and tasty,,deliciousssss!!!!

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