List 10 Most Spicy Food In The World

List 10 Most Spicy Food In The World

You like spicy food? I like spicy food. This is list of 10 most spicy food in the world  from various countries. Do not admit you love spicy food if you have not tried this spicy foods. This is a list of 10 most spicy food in the world. 

1.Tom Yum - Thailand

Thai food is spicy. Tom Yum is very spicy and sour. Tom Yum is a kind of mixed spices spicy sour soup. There are several kinds of tom yum is: Tom Yum Gai (Chicken), Tom Yum Pla (seafood). Eaten when warm is very tempting to your taste .. Slruuupppp!!
2.Shrimp Creole - America

If you want your oral cavity was also burned as  felt the sensation of spicy, you can choose the Shrimp Creole food from the South America. It made from simple ingredients and spices are blended in such a way as to create spicy foods that can shake your tongue until hot. Fresh chili peppers to be one trigger spicy shrimp with tomato mixture and chicken. 

3. Papa a la Huancaina - Peru

Papa a la Huancaina, Potato-based foods, cheese and milk is known from Peru. Containing cold potato salad served with Huancaina sauce plus lettuce, black olives, corn and pieces boiled eggs. It was quite spicy chili made with Amarillo Chile. Spiciness steady! 

4. Radish with Sichuan pepper - China

This is different from Chinese salad like usual. If salad is usually served fresh with a slightly sour flavor, different from the Radish with Sichuan pepper for a salad that is rich in flavor.It's Crispy!! radish with sweet, sour, spicy with the addition of additional pieces of red chili pepper and Sichuan, which is presented intact so that when you chew you like spicy bite mine with a terrible sensation. 

5. Bibimbap with Kimchi - Korea 
Kimchi is pickled cabbage that has been fermented for months, seasoned with garlic, onion, chili and ginger. It is conceivable spiciness of aroma, Spicy and hot Korean Food comes from ginger. Blend with Bibimbap which is also famous in Korea, blend rice, stir fry vegetables, meat and eggs fried, served with kimchi added. Hmm it seems hot spiciness! 

6. Suicide Chicken Wings - America

Crispy fried wings are able to 'burn belly' you, the sensation of taste spiciness derived from Tabasco and seasoning mix and additional pieces of dried chili peppers that have been chopped fresh deseeded. American cuisine is so spicy but well-liked bacause it tastes. 

7. Jerk Chicken - Caribbean

Foods rich in these ingredients has an alluring aroma. One of the ingredients that strengthen the Jerk Chicken was taken from the regions of Asia and Africa, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, scallions, nutmeg, thyme and garlic. Mixed spice taste and aroma are strengthened with the addition of chili Scootch Bonnet Rock that delivers exceptional taste. 

8. Wot - Ethiopia

Food from Ethiopia is named Wot or commonly referred to stir. Stir chicken broth is made from abundant herbs, such as one kilo gram of onions, one kilo gram of garlic, ginger, barbae (a mixture of dried herbs and dried chilli) with large numbers. Kadu was boiled for hours, even more delicious served with injara (bread) and boiled chicken eggs. Spicy sensation in it will shake your tongue with a sense of spiciness. 

9. Vindaloo - India

Vindaloo from India is made of super-spicy seasoning of mustard seeds, dried chillies, coriander, ginger and fennel. Meat is a main ingredient of this food is first marinated in vinegar, then mixed with the spice paste. Sensation of spiciness so feels and smells delicious. 

10. Sambal Ulek - Indonesia

Most Indonesian people confess, eating bland taste if no sauce. Sambel ulek will give hot sensation for you. The basic ingredients of sambal ulek very easy, consisting only of fresh chilli and spices according to taste to you.

There are several kinds of typical Indonesian sambal ulek, sambal terasi (read sambal trasi), tomato sauce, fried onion sauce, sambal salad etc.. Sambal is made depending on the main menu will be served. Cobek is place to blend all ingredients.

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