Cassava Fried Cheese

Cassava Fried Cheese

Friday April 8, yesterday, I walk around UGM (Universitas Gajah Mada) 'Gajah Mada University College' with my boyfriend . I plan to buy cassava fried cheese around there. My friends at boarding house said, the cassava feels good. Since I was curious, so I visited that place.

After searching around there, I finally found a small cart at the curb in front of Panti Rapih Hospital Yogyakarta. Without thinking, I stopped in the street and visited the cheese shop fried cassava. I bought a 7000 rupiah, about $ 0.90. Then I tasted the fried cassava, it tastes good.

The fried cassava feels pretty good. Savory, unfortunately I think the cheese is less pronounced. I do not know where the location of the cheese, which obviously I do not find the presence of cheese in there. From its shape, its color was yellowish, soft nothing like fried cassava in general. Cassava is a medium-sized fried cheese, crispy when eaten immediately. It's addictive after eating one or two times, but for the umpteenth time I felt 'nauseated', perhaps because too much oil content in the cassava cheese. But I assure you it feels good. Maybe you should try if you were walking around Yogyakarta. UGM is a place you should visit and do not forget to taste the cheese fried cassava.

To make cassava fried cheese recipe I have not quite understand. I tried searching on Google, it turns out that meant that cheese fried cassava cassava just soaked cassava in spices and then fried in oil that much. No wonder I did not buy any cheese. But it feels really good. ^^

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