Boiled Capcay, So Tasty and Delicious

Boiled Capcay, So Tasty and Delicious

Capcay is one of those typical Chinese food. Capcay consists of 2 types, fried capcay and boiled capcay. Boiled Capcay consists of  stew vegetables and some meat or eggs, fried capcay just a fried flour and reprocessed. 

Well, I've got a tasty recipe boiled capcay. Capcay recipe consists of a variety of vegetables and chicken meat. Fresh vegetables cultivated a taste for quality maintained. This is boiled capcay recipe :


6 peas, remove the fiber  
Caisim 2 pieces, sliced  
Col 1 piece, sliced 1 piece green onion, sliced  
Carrots 50 g, boiled, sliced  
100 g cauliflower, boiled, sliced  
1 piece of baby corn, sliced  
4 pieces of mushroom, boiled, sliced  
50 g black mushrooms, trimmed, sliced 


3 cloves garlic,  
Onion 1 / 2  
7 pieces of red chilli  
1 Tomato   
1 tsp  Pepper  
½ tbsp fish sauce 
 ½ tbsp oyster sauce  
1 tsp sesame oil 
½ tbsp corn starch 
½ cup water, dissolving 


100 gr chicken meat, sliced  
Baso beef 2 pieces, sliced  
1 whole squid, cleaned, sliced, boiled briefly

How to Make Cap Cay:  

1. Puree garlic and onions, saute briefly. 
2. Enter the sliced ​​chili, and then enter the tomatoes are sliced, saute until wilted and slightly dry. 
3. Enter pepper, fish sauce, oyster sauce, water and salt.  
4. Wait until slightly boiling, then enter the boiled chicken meat, beef meatball, calamari, stir evenly.  
5. Wait until almost cooked, then put all the vegetables, stir and simmer. 
6. Boil until vegetables are not overcooked.  
7. Remove and serve hot.

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