Serabi Notosuman, Original Pancake From Solo

Serabi Notosuman, Original Pancake From Solo

Serabi Notosuman is a kind of pancake, but it's different. Serabi Notosuman is original pancake from Solo, Indonesia. It taste tasty and delicious because made with coconut milk mixture. Serabi notosuman shaped like a pancake. It was, hmmm don't asked, it is definitely delicious! It was savory and sweet. Shaped like stacks of pancakes, but pancakes are not prepared to heap, just a circle with a diameter of 15 cm. Large size right? Hahaha. White pancake and flat. Serabi notosuman is covered with banana leaves and rolled, so much easier to eat.

To find the original serabi Notosuman, we need to go to Solo, Central Java. Indeed the place is on a narrow alley, but not hard to find that place. Original Serabi notosuman placed on the Notosuman Road (M. Yamin now) in Solo, near the Matahari Mall. Now that a lot of Serabi Notosuman pirated, aka not authentic - red, so make sure we get the original.
Notosuman pancake made of rice flour from Cianjur, West Java. Rice flour mixed with coconut milk, salt, vanilla, and pandanus. Therefore, it was still tasty, because of its distinctive flavor is savory and slightly salty. 

Notosuman pancake consistent with two flavors, namely a sense of plain (no flavor) and chocolate. The plain is sold at Rp 2200.00 ($ 0.22) / seed. And chocolate serabi sold at Rp 2400.00 ($ 0.24). Cheap right? 

Unlike pancake sold in the market, serabi Notosuman remain consistent with 2 flavors. Pancake on the market taste varies, jackfruit, durian, vanilla, banana, cheese, and so forth. Although only 2 flavors, pancake Notosuman still sold on the market.  

To buy pancake Notosuman, you have to queue from 3:00 am. Hmmmm,, indeed many customers and still famous for delicious pancake Notosuman. So, What are you waiting for? Come on, try the serabi Notosuman when you are on vacation in Solo, Indonesia.

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