The Simplicity Of Angkringan Yogyakarta

The Simplicity Of Angkringan Yogyakarta

Angkringan is a place to eat that was built is very simple, just with a simple tent and some wooden chairs. Angkringan is one of my favorite places. The main reason I like this place because the price is very cheap and the food was delicious. I really like the simplicity, and angkringan Yogyakarta describe the simplicity of students and Yogyakarta society.

Angkringan made of wood or wooden carts, measuring about 1.25 x 2 meters. Usually angkringan cart can be moved to anywhere. Angkringan very numerous in Yogyakarta. On every street corner and each side of the road can be found angkringan Yogyakarta.

Angkringan provides very simple menu, including "nasi Pincuk" or "sego Pincuk" which is rice wrapped in banana leaf and equipped with side sauce. Spicy sweet taste. Usually mixed with  fish sauces salty. So it's definitely good. Sometimes side dish "rice Pincuk" is oseng-oseng tempeh or beans, sometimes also capcay. 

Besides rice Pincuk, there is also fried or "gorengan" wrapped flour. This form of cooking fried tempeh, fried tofu, bakwan, tape fried, and gembus. Hahaha, maybe you are not familiar with this vocabulary. Definitely, because this famous place only in Indonesia. There are also "sweet  marinated tofu" or "bacem tahu", "Tempe bacem", chicken claw, bacem chicken head, "sewiwi" or chicken wings, satay intestine, quail egg satay, and some snacks such as crackers and fried beans. 

The drink is a "hot ginger" or "jahe anget", hot tea or "teh panas", hot milk or "susu panas" and ginger milk or "jahe susu", yes kind of a traditional beverage that many people preferred Jogja, and I also liked. haha ..
What I liked about this place is because food is cheap and very tasty, knowing the tongue of the Javanese.  
 wkwkwkw .. In addition, it was very comfortable and quiet. After all, dining in Angkringan  has been a lifestyle in Yogyakarta, especially students. They are not ashamed to eat in Angkringan, because they can gather with friends. We call it "Lesehan" is sitting on the ground covered with mats. Yes, very convenient. Accompanied by "oil lamp" or we called "lampu teplok" or "wax" in the middle of togetherness with friends or boyfriend.

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