Rolade Cassava Leaves, Healthy Snacks Original From Indonesia

Rolade Cassava Leaves, Healthy Snacks Original From Indonesia

If you want to eat healthy foods, try eating rolade cassava leaves, healthy snacks original from Indonesia. Rolade cassava leaves is one kind of fried. Rolade cassava leaves are made from basic ingredients mixed with cassava leaf out, then fried. Rolade cassava leaves are a healthy food because the material comes from green vegetables and of course found overallocted high protein. It was tasty, salty and sweet, cassava leaves will give distinctive flavor when bitten. Hmmmm, I really liked it. If you try it, surely you will love it, no matter with the tongue of any country. Hahahaha ...

I have a recipe how to make rolade cassava leaves. To make this rolade very easy and practical, you only need a few ingredients and easy to cook and serve. This recipe rolade cassava leaves made ​​my own. Make sure you try it at home.

1. 250 gr young cassava leaves, boiled with water until tender.  
2. 4 slices tofu (tahu), crushed
1. pepper 1/2 tsp
2. salt 1/2 tsp 
3. coriander to taste  
4. 4 cloves garlic 

Flour pads rolade:  
200 gr wheat flour diluted with water (not too watery) 

How to cook:  
1. Cassava leaves was boiled, squeezed until the water out, then cut into pieces  
2. Mix the cassava leaves with tofu that has been crushed, stirring until blended.
3. Give cassava leaves with spices that have been mashed, stir well.  
4. Cassava leaf shape into circle balls for ball pimpong, fist. Do it until the dough runs out  
5. Prepare a thin flour, then give the spices a little.  
6. Dip the leaves of cassava into the flour 
7. Fry in hot oil until cyellowish.  
8. Remove and serve hot.
You can eat it just like that or could with sambal or chili sauce. Hmmm, you would love it. Just try it!! ^^

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