Takoyaki, Cute Balls From Japan

Takoyaki, Cute Balls From Japan

You know takoyaki? Takoyaki (たこ焼き?) is the name of food origin in Japan's Kansai region, form small balls with a diameter of 3-5 cm is made of wheat flour dough filled with pieces of octopus inside.
Takoyaki (octopus balls) are usually sold as street vendors, but these snacks can also be made at home. Whatever it is, the most important thing is that if you have a takoyaki grill (takoyaki-ki), will allow you to make takoyaki.

Materials and equipment :
* Takoyaki-ki: the name for the pan with hollow dots that serves as a pan during cooking takoyaki. 

* Iron pin o
skewer with handles of wood / skewer: used to flip through the dough to a round right.  

* Wheat flour: use low protein flour for white result, more tender and tasty. 

 * Konnyaku: a kind of jelly that is rich in fiber. Used as a variation of the contents of takoyaki. 

* Benishoga: pickled ginger (gari sushi) is chopped, is used to add spicy and sour flavor of takoyaki. 
* Konbu / kombu: marine algae (seaweed) in the form of sheets. Used as a base for the broth (dashi). There is also functioning as a layer of sushi tarabagani Pana (large crab claws). 

* Tenkasu: crispy rice cereal type used to add flavor krispi on takoyaki.

* Katsuo-bushi: made from tuna fish. There are 2 types of powder and fiber sheets lightly browned. Used to escort the Japanese cuisine and can be used as stock material. 

* Okonomiyaki sauce: the sauce that is used for Okonomiyaki (Teppanyaki cuisine type) as side dishes are usually spicy sweet taste. 

How to make takoyaki ???
When mixing the batter, stirring just until blended for the dough is not too swell to obtain the ideal shape of a round of ping-pong ball. Make sure takoyaki mold hot to form a good texture. Konbu can be replaced with a stew of shrimp heads. 

Takoyaki Recipes  (Octopus Balls)
Material contents of takoyaki:
* Baby octopus (baby octopus) 200 grams, boiled and chopped
* Tenkasu (crispy rice) to taste

Takoyaki basic ingredients:
* Water 400 ml
* Konbu 10 cm, 2 cm wide pieces
* Katsuo-bushi 15 grams
* Low-protein wheat flour 200 grams
* Egg whites 4 items
* Egg yolks 2 eggs
* Margarine 2 tablespoons 

Accompanying takoyaki:
* Bulldog sauce 50 ml
* English 25 ml Sauce
* Mayonnaise 50 grams
* Benishoga (pickled ginger) to taste 

How to make a basic dough takoyaki:
1. Enter konbu in saucepan, cook over low heat. Lift a few moments before the water is boiling.
Mix Katsuo-bushi  in the cooking water konbu while in stir for 2 minutes. Strain and chill.
3. Mix flour, eggs and salt. Pour broth, stirring until blended. Set aside. 

How to make takoyaki:
1. Pour batter takoyaki on mold that has been smeared with margarine until it is full.
2. Sprinkle the top with crispy rice and enter the baby octopus (baby octopus). Cook on low heat.
3. When you are half cooked, turn the dough with the help of a skewer / stick iron.
4. Cook until lightly browned. Remove and serve with sauce and benishoga companion.
For 15 pieces

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