Fresh Green Banana Ice

Fresh Green Banana Ice

Green banana ice are one of Indonesian food. I want to tell you all that it's very tasty! Yes, fresh and tantalizing tastes. Moreover, dined on a hot day, you will feel the freshness when eating this ice.

Green banana ice made from basic ingredients wrapped in banana flour, coconut milk and given a natural sweetener, mixed with ice. They are green, red, and white, a sweet combination for this ice. It was also sweet, if bitten by wrapping the banana, chewy in the mouth. Hmmmm chewy ^ ^

Green bananas are made of
plantains. This banana wrapped mixture of rice flour mixed with coconut milk steamed. Bananas wrapped in green because it would be natural dyes from suji leaves. After steaming, ready to be served with sauce which is also made from rice flour and coconut milk. Then given the shaved ice and red syrup. Green Banana Ice ready to serve! You can imagine it now, it feels good. You should try when you visit Indonesia ^ ^

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