Bakpia Pathuk, Traditional Food From Pathuk, Yogyakarta

Bakpia Pathuk, Traditional Food From Pathuk, Yogyakarta

When talk about bakpia, I remembered my boyfriend because he loves bakpia Pathuk (read bakpia Pathok). I hope you do not trouble to read it. Just kidding ^ ^

Bakpia is a special food of Yogyakarta. Yes we are talking about Yogyakarta again, hahaha ... Nothing wrong with the food we talk about, yea .. ^ ^ Bakpia derived from the Hokkien dialect (Hanzi: 肉饼) meaning meat sandwiches. But in reality bakpia not contain meat, but contains the green beans. Really strange isn't it?

Bakpia made from green beans wrapped with flour, then baked. Flat round shape and sweet taste. Now not only contains green beans, but also contain cheese, chocolate, black kumbu or green kumbu (my boyriend liked the taste chocolate ^ ^). O yea, bakpia derived from Pathuk (Pathok) Yogyakarta, therefore named bakpia pathuk. These about bakpia Pathuk, for more details you can try it for yourself^^

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