Basic Baking Tools

Basic Baking Tools

Who likes to bake? The following are the basic tools to make cake, very simple, such as:

1. Digital Scale
Highly accurate digital scales to measure baking ingredients until the dose of 1 gr.

2. Mixer.
Mixer function to whisk eggs or cake batter. Use a good quality mixer for maximum results.

3. Basin
The basin serves as a place of cookie dough when shaken. Select a basin made of plastic and sized slightly large.

4. Spatula and spoon
Function spatula to stir the batter. Prepare 2 large spatula and a bit small. Large spatula to stir the batter, and a small spatula to straighten the pan. Choose from a rubber material and a strong handle.

5. Pan
Pan serves as a dough that will be roasted. Select the pan as needed. There are some basic pan namely: 20x20x7 cm square pans, round baking dish 20cm diameter 7cm high, brownie pan 30x10x3cm, baking cookies, and baking cupcakes.

6. Oven
Select oven according to your needs.

With simple tools above, you can create a cake based on your creations. Good luck ^ ^

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