Peaceful Kitchen Design

Peaceful Kitchen Design

At this opportunity we will discuss interior design kitchen above. On the whole kitchen is simple, unique, and elegant. The floor was made of wood, as well as sink and cupboard storage. On one wall there is a large window that lets light enter.

Viewed from the aesthetic side, the kitchen is nice, soft color combination of white and green, creating a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

From the setting, the kitchen has a washing place at the edge near the wall, above it there is a spice, in addition there is a ladle and a gas stove, then there is next to an empty place,  to put food before prepared. Above the sink there is the cupboard to store cookware. On the other table, there is a microwave, continuous with the table to place food that has been cooked. Near the table there is a chair as a place to sit and eat food. Directly facing seat, there is a large window made of glass, so that we can enjoy food while looking at the scene outside the home, very natural.

The kitchen was also decorated with glassware and artificial foliage that adds a sweet spot. The kitchen is properly used in narrow places because to build it takes place not too broad.

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