Selat Solo, Javanese Steak

Selat Solo, Javanese Steak


You like steak? Me too,, ^ ^ But this one was different from the usual steak. Usually you find beef steak with thick steak sauce, pepper, salt, tomato sauce, and vegetables. This time different from what we usually eat. This is Selat Solo.
Selat solo better known as Java steak. Selat solo comes from Solo, One city in Central Java. Selat solo made from beef, sliced thin, square-shaped measuring 15x7 cm or according to taste. Selat solo served with gravy steak brown liquid, sweet taste. Served with fried potatoes, beans, carrots, peas, tomatoes, lettuce and crispy potatoes. All the ingredients put on plate, poured gravy straits, and given the mustard. Mustard made from mixture of mayonnaise, potatoes, boiled egg yolk or wheat flour, all ingredients are mixed together.

The combination of meat, vegetables, sauce and mustard on selat solo create a sense of sweet, sour, and savory typical solo. Try this java steak, you will find a new flavor of the steak eastern countries ^ ^

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