Eliminate Stench On Mutton or Lamb

Eliminate Stench On Mutton or Lamb

There are many ways to eliminate the fishy smell of mutton or lamb, you can choose one. Among them are:
  •  Cook 1 kg of mutton with  200 gr of sugar cane that have been cut into pieces
  •  Boil 1 quart of water, after boiling put 1 kg of mutton or lamb and 50 grams of vinegar. After boiling, drain the lamb, and re-cooked according what you want.
  •  Boil the mutton or lamb with radish slices, then half an hour then lift and remove the radish.
  •  Boil 1 kg mutton or lamb with green beans 5 grams. After 10 minutes, remove and drain the meat.
  •  Cook 1 kg of mutton with 10 gr curry powder.

You can choose one of the alternatives above. Hopefully useful ^ ^

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