Bright Pink Kitchen

Bright Pink Kitchen

Pink kitchen? What's wrong? Do not think pink is not suitable to be applied in the kitchen. In fact the color is suitable for you who want a different atmosphere in your home. Just try it ..

If you want your kitchen shades of pink, be smart to set and apply color in your kitchen. It could be because you are not careful, these colors will make your kitchen even become less attractive and seem boring.

Design above illustrates the beautiful pink kitchen. Kitchen letter L looks neat and clean. Every detail describes perfection of design. Pink varnish applied to the glossy wood, making the kitchen look warm. Pure white walls that match with pink color in the kitchen.
The floor is also made of brown natural wood  so although the nuances of love, this kitchen also remains a natural impressed. Moreover, a large door in the side kitchen directly facing with the garden, creating more light enters and more fresh air. So, even if you cook all day, you still can enjoy the fresh air from the park. This is the concept of bright pink kitchen.

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