Gudeg, Sweet Food From Yogyakarta

Gudeg, Sweet Food From Yogyakarta

Gudeg (in the Java language we read gudheg) is the typical food from Yogyakarta (one of my favorite foods,, hehe). Gudeg made from young jackfruit. It was sweet and very Java typical blackish brown or reddish, with a gravy made from coconut milk that tastes sweet too. Reddish brown color obtained from the leaves of teak. Just put a few teak leaves while cooking gudeg, and the color will change.

Usually gudeg served with hot rice sambal. Gudeg also sometimes mixed tempeh, tofu, eggs, chicken, or chicken krecek. Everything is cut slightly larger, not like gudeg, a little mixed. How to cook can separate or become one with gudeg. For sweet lovers, definitely like the food on this one, for example me,, hehe ... Gudeg usually served with rice and crackers, placed on banana leaves or plate. Served hot more delicious!!
Try a new variation of food on this one,, definitely addicted .. ^ ^

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