Tumpeng, Yellow Rice Cones

Tumpeng, Yellow Rice Cones

Tumpeng is a Javanese traditional food made of yellow rice and cone-shaped. Tumpeng is usually made by the Java community when there are events such as wedding celebrations, birthdays, parties, salvation, harvest festival and also the birth of baby. After praying, tumpeng cut with a knife and given to people who preferred or glorified in that region. Celebration by using tumpeng as an expression and manifestation of gratitude for all the God gifts  has given to every human being.
Tumpeng shaped cone and placed on a tray made of woven bamboo. Usually accompanied by side dishes such as cone shredded, scrambled eggs are sliced, cucumber, lettuce, fried chicken or grilled chicken, dry tempeh, red chilli. All the dishes laid out  around the yellow rice. Tumpeng is also decorated with garlic, tomatoes, and peppers are formed very unique. There are swan-shaped, roses, trumpet flowers, and others.
I still remember when I was 6 years old, my birthday is celebrated with tumpeng. My mother made for me and my friends. What a happy time. I like the most is shredded and chicken,, hehe (that reminds me of childhood, hehe)^^ Thank's Mom...I L U 4ever

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