Mendut, The Chewy Pink

Mendut, The Chewy Pink

Mendut is one of the traditional food in Central Java. Mendut usually made by local communities of Central Java during a wedding celebration or salvation. Mendut has pink color, chewy texture, and sweet taste. Mendut is also one of my favorite food (what food which i dislikes?? Hehe). 

Mendut made of glutinous rice flour batter mixed with coconut milk as the skin. Fills dough made from grated coconut mixed with sugar. Fills material  inserted into the skin material and formed round, Mendut wrapped with banana leaves then steamed. Mendut can be colored pink, green, or yellow, depending on taste what color you want, hehe .. You can use natural food coloring (safe only) ^ ^
You should try this one meal, tastes sweet and chewy when bitten. Try it when you vacation in Central Java, Indonesia.

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