Klepon, The Green Springy

Klepon, The Green Springy

The shape is round it's green, that's klepon. Klepon is a special food of Yogyakarta, Central Java. Klepon has a spherical shape, smaller than chicken eggs,or like marbles, some even like chicken eggs. Steady yes! Klepon made from glutinous rice flour, so the texture is chewy. The green color mades from leaf suji or pandan leaves. Can also be made without color. Klepon contain javanese sugar (black sugar). After the flour and sugar is formed, then put in boiling water. Then cooked and served with grated coconut. Hmmmm, sweet and savory. The sweetness derived from the Javanese sugar and the savory taste comes from coconuts. Just mak Nyossss ....!!!(like Mr.Bondan says)

Klepon classified snack in Indonesia.
Usually eaten with cenil or Gethuk. (Curious what is cenil and Gethuk??) Although the food is very traditional, but it was steady. It's also one of my favorite foods. When touched, chewy and sticky, but delicious in the mouth. When bitten, brown sugar will come out and give a sweet taste on the tongue,, hmmm yummy ..... Nothing wrong if you try it. Try a culinary tour in Indonesia, the food is tasty and delicious, hopefully it's compatible with your tongue,, hehe just kidding

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