This time we will discuss one of the traditional foods of Java that is lotek. Lotek is a food made from vegetable ingredients which poured with sweet peanut sauce. Mix and match vegetable and peanut sauce  create a unique and distinctive flavor. It was unique and delicious. The materials used include cucumbers, boiled spinach, ketupat (rice wrapped in coconut leaves and steamed), beans, bean sprouts, cabbage, fried tofu, and bakwan (flour mixed with water, flavored and vegetables, then fried). Vegetables such as spinach, beans, bean sprouts, cabbage. All material cut into small pieces and mix with peanut sauce. Peanut sauce ingredients derived from mashed beans, do not forget to add just a little lime leaves though tasty and steady! After watering peanut sauce, can be sprinkled with crackers. Can be a small shrimp crackers or crackers whatever, that's make crispy when chewed .. Hmmmmm ... yummmmyyyyy....it seems the appetite. Especially if eaten on a hot afternoon with coconut ice .. Slruuuuuupppppp ... mak Nyos (say Javanese people )....^^
In Central Java, lotek very famous. Lotek can be made yourself at home or purchased at certain places that specialized in selling lotek of course ..
Usually served with a plate or in a very traditional with banana leaves.
You can ask to taste  a spicy or not spicy at all. If I like a really spicy! You also need to try the food on this one all the readers .. ^ ^

Good Luck ^^

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