Basic Kitchen Utensils

Basic Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen is place for prepare and process food. Kitchen should have basic tools and equipment should you have in your kitchen to expedite the process of cooking food. There are basic kitchen utensils that should exist in your kitchen, these are:

1. Clock 

You need a clock to estimate how much time you need to cook. In between your occupation, you must estimate the time to do the next activity after cooking. If there is no clock on the wall, at least you use a wristwatch.

2. Equipment to measure 
Cooking has a size standard. You need a tool to measure food ingredients. Such as measuring cups, cups, measuring spoons such as tablespoon and teaspoon, and food scales. All you have to prepare it for the sake of your fluency in cooking.

3. Peeler
 Knives  should be available in your kitchen. This will help simplify your job. Cut vegetables, fruits, and meat is much smaller. The knife consists of a variety of forms, depending on the function or usefulness.

4. Scissors and Bottle Opener 
Scissors will allow you to open food or food ingredients tightly closed plastic. Bottle opener will help you remove bottle caps with ease. 
5. Wooden spoon, stir eggs, a grater, a basting brush, and a colander.

6. Equipment related to food processing, among others, pot, stove, pans, microwave, oven, vegetable bowls, and hot plate.

7. Equipment for food serving, like plates, bowls, spoon, glasses, cups, trays, forks, and knives for eat.

8. Equipment for food storage, refrigerator. Refrigerator keep your food durable and not stale, also ease your storage.

Please be creative with your kitchen. Do not forget to keep it clean,so you could stay healthy and clean ^ ^

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