9 Most Weird Japanese Typical Foods

9 Most Weird Japanese Typical Foods

In Japanese, Japanese food called nihonshoku or washoku. Japanese cuisine known for its unique and have a distinctive taste. Examples of famous Japanese food is sushi, shabu-shabu, and sukiyaki. But there are 9 Most Weird Japanese Typical Foods will make you want to try these.  What's strange but it's still good, what are the foods? Here it is its coverage:

9 Most Weird Japanese Typical Foods:
1. Inago no Tsukudani

"Inago no Tsukudani" is a traditional Japanese cuisine is popular in rural areas of Yamagata, Nagano and Gunma. Maybe the packaging is slightly different with fried insects that exist in Indonesia. grasshoppers in boiled with "tsukudani", is soy sauce and spices plus a special Japanese style. Want to try? 
2. Shirako 

From cursory looks like a cow's intestine, but it turns out this is Shirako, which is the male genitalia of fish and a bag containing sperm. Shirako a popular dish in the pubs in Japan (Izakaya) and sushi bar.

3. Basashi 

"Sakuraniku" is a name for raw horse meat. "Sakura" which means cherry blossoms bloom combined with the "niku" which means flesh. However, if served with thin slices of sashimi would be "basashi". This food is famous in the area of Kumamoto, Oita and be Nagano and common foods are also in the Tohoku region.
Besides meat, there is also a form of ice cream dessert made from horse flesh 'ice cream basashi ". What taste like?

4. Natto  

That one is probably already familiar ga for us. Natto is fermented soy food that smells pretty stinging and very sticky like spider webs are usually served as a breakfast menu in Japanese. 

5. Fugu "Fugu" is the Japanese word for bloated fish. The kanji characters used to write Fugu literally meaning river pig. funny =P  

Meat can be eaten fugu, but the skin, liver and ovaries contain a number of deadly poison tetrododoxin. If one element is consumed then the poison will paralyze the muscles, while the victim remains fully conscious and could eventually die of asphyxiation.  
Restaurants in Japan could serve meat Fugu Fugu if performed by a qualified chef. So, do not ever try to eat these fish if we have no special expertise 

6. Hachinoko When a local bar in Japan ran out of nuts for snacks and we need adequate protein intake to re-activity, then the larvae of bees "Hachinoko" that this could be a substitute crispy. hehehe .. Larvae of bees "hachinoko" also became a popular food This bee larvae turned out to be the late Emperor Hirohito's favorite dish mixed with rice flavored soy sauce and sugar.

7. Zazamushi Other foods that are widely available in Japan either canned or bottled in restaurants, is zazamushi (insects that live in water). Zazamushi actually not insects, but a name that is applied to the insect larvae that live in the riverbed. Insects "Mushi" at the scene, where the river makes the sound "zaazaa" when it flows. Make a funny name .. hehehe zaaazaaaaaaa zaaazaaa ... .... ^ ^ 

8. Kujira & Iruca Clear evidence that in Japan, whales "kujira" still consumed as food in a dish of sashimi. Mmmmm,,, I do not recommend this one, because whales including protected animals and already threatened populations. 

9. Shirouo no Odorigui Shirouo is a name for the small fish are transparent. Called Shirouo Odogui no, because these fish were eaten alive and then it will feel like dancing our mouth "odorigui". 

That was the 9 Most Weird Japanese Typical Foods, you can try when you are on vacation to Japan. Nice try ^^

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