Make Dorayaki Cake

Make Dorayaki Cake

This is Dorayaki cake, Doraemon's favorite cake. Dorayaki (どら やき. 銅鑼 焼き, ドラ 焼き) is the cake that comes from Japan. Dorayaki included in the group Japanese traditional cake (wagashi). You like to watch Doraemon? Certainly no stranger with his favorite food, the Dorayaki. 

Dorayaki a round flat cake of medium size. The outside is brown and the inside is yellow. This cake contains nuts (like the ''martabak terang bulan'' in Indonesia). I've bought in my campus canteen, it feels pretty good. But, second time I bought, it started not good .. 

Hmmm, better we make our own Dorayaki, the Japanese original, Here's how to make Dorayaki: 
1. 100 gr flour 
2. 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 
3. 1 tablespoon honey 
4. 1 / 2 teaspoon salt 
5. 3 eggs 
6. 75 ml of liquid milk 
7. 1 teaspoon margarine for greasing 

100 g red beans  
3 tbsp sugar  
150 ml of liquid milk

How To Cook :1. Mix sugar, honey, eggs and salt, beat until thick, add the flour and liquid milk and stir well.  
2. Heat the Dorayaki mold  or non-stick frying pan diameter 8 inches, topical pan with margarine.  
3. Pour one ladle batter into the mold up to 3 / 4 high mold, allow it to surface perforated holes, cover the mold, cook until the bottom brown. Lift. 

Making fills/contents: 
1. boiled red beans until tender, lift, drain, puree. Cook until thick again, enter the liquid milk and sugar, cook until thick, remove from heat.  
2. Rub the surface Dorayaki with the contents to mix, cover with Dorayaki again.
3. Serve hot 
For 4 pieces

Easy right? You can try it at home. Nice explore ^ ^

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