Traditional Food

Traditional Food

Traditional food is food from a particular region are made in traditional ways. There are a variety of traditional foods, can be based on the type of origin (region). Based on the type, traditional food can be classified on the basis of intent, such as appetizers, main dish or dessert. Based on the type, traditional food can also be classified as wet food and snacks. Meanwhile, by region, food can be grouped by region of origin, cities, provinces, or countries such as Indonesia's traditional food, traditional Italian food, and  traditional food from Solo, Central Java.

Now rarely found in traditional foods around us. In addition because very few people who make it, also because of the popularity of fast food is all around us. Whereas more traditional food and health security better than fast food.

Sample traditional food from Indonesia is Mendut, selat Solo Java steak , Klepon, yellow rice cone, scrambled egg, gudheg, lotek. All that was presented earlier in previous articles, please you can read it once again. And there are many traditional dishes from various countries. For example, satay, curry and so many others.

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