How To Make Indonesian Fried Rice Ala Isti

How To Make Indonesian Fried Rice Ala Isti

Who does not like fried rice?
Fried rice has been known in different countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, America, Singapore and other countries. It is said that the fried rice has been known since 4000 BC, wow long time, and still exist today. 

Maybe you already know it, even often made. I  love to cook and eat fried rice for sure! In Indonesia alone there are a variety of fried rice such as chicken fried rice,
java fried rice, lamb fried rice, and beef fried rice. Well, I have a special fried rice recipes from Indonesia, my own creations, Indonesian Fried Rice Ala Isti . You can try it if you want to experiment with your cooking. Usually I make it in the morning to make breakfast for my family. Here the recipe.
How to make Indonesian Fried Rice Ala Isti ?? Prepare the rice for 2 people. Puree marinade, garlic, onion, cayenne pepper and red chillies, pepper powder, seasoning each crushed separately. Heat the oil, put garlic and onions, chili, sliced tomatoes, chicken broth, wait till fragrant and dry. Add rice, salt, ketchup, soy sauce, chicken pieces, sausage, scallions, pepper powder, mix until well blended. Serve on a flat plate, given a sprinkling of fried onions, and crackers. Hmmmm, yummmy ... Indonesian fried rice ala Isti ready to serve.

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