Empek-Empek Palembang

Empek-Empek Palembang

Empek-empek (read empek-empek) or mpek-mpek is one of the regional specialties of Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. 

Empek-empek made from tapioca and fish. When eaten, it was chewy.  Pempek is served together yellow noodle with a dark, rich sweet and sour sauce called cuka or cuko (lit. vinegar) and sprinkled with ebi (dried shrimp) powder. Cuko is produced by adding brown sugar, chili pepper, garlic, vinegar, and salt to boiling water. One of the most famous types is the kapal selam (Indonesian: "submarine"), which is made from a chicken egg wrapped within the pempek dough and then deep-fried.

I like empek-empek because it's tasty and chewy when eaten with spicy sour sauce. Well,, really tempting. You should try it if you're visiting Indonesia. Or, you can try it for yourself at home..

Here's how to make empek-empek Palembang:
There are 2 kinds of quality-empek empek, namely the quality 1 and quality 2. 

Quality 1:
1. mackerel fish
: sago = 1:1 (1 kg: 1 kg), add flour if necessary
2. Margarine or cooking oil to make dull 3. warm water 4. salt

Quality two :
1. Fish mackerel: sago = 1: 2 or sago: flour = 1: 1
2. margarine or cooking oil
3. warm water
4. salt to taste
5. eggs to taste 

1. 1 kg brown sugar
2. red cayenne pepper and a quarter kilograms
3. 1 ounce garlic

   4. vinegar
5. java tamarind
6. salt   

How to make empek-empek Palembang:
1. Mix the sago flour with warm water 
2. add margarine  
3. Then add minced mackerel fish and salt until smooth and toss well could be formed. For some parts of the same. Each section shapes such as ufo aircraft or gansing. Then gansing was made basin or inlet in a deep bowl or similar, put one egg into it. 
4. After that, cover tightly. Put it in boiling water that has been mixed with cooking oil (though not sticky in the pan).  
5. If empek-empek it was floating over, it was a sign is ripe. Remove and drain. 
6. You can fried it, or if you like empek-boiled immediately, just served empek-empek with gravy.

How to make gravy:
1. Given sugar with
4 cup waters, cooked until boiling. 
2. Mix the chili that has been blended (all blended chilli stalks need not discarded), a blend of garlic, tamarind, vinegar and salt. 
3. Boil well and then remove and strain. Gravy is ready. 

You can eat it after being fried or eaten after boiling. Add vinegar and slices of cucumber. Add crackers .. Hmmm ......  tasty and delicious!! 

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