How To Make Pukis Cake

How To Make Pukis Cake

Pukis cake is one of the traditional cake from Indonesia. It taste good in my opinion, haha. Especially given the topping of raisins, chocolate, or cheese. Hmmm, sweet.. Pukis cake made from flour, like most other cakes. When ripe, the color yellow on top, and brown on the bottom. This cake can also be inserted strawberry jam, pineapple jam, or blueberries jam. Hmmmm,, sweet .. sweet .. sweet .. 

You want to know the recipe? Here's how to make pukis


150 grams of wheat flour  
100 grams sugar  
150 ml coconut milk  
3 eggs  
1 tablespoon yeast (15 grams)  
6 tablespoons warm water

How To Cook :

1. Mix the yeast with warm water until dissolved, set aside 
2. Beat the sugar and eggs until well blended (using whisk) 
3. Add flour in small increments, while stirring continuously until exhausted.  
4. Enter the yeast, stir again and finally enter the coconut milk, stirring until blended.  
5. Let stand the dough for 20-30 minutes.  
6. Heat pukis cake mold, pour the batter in the mold approximately 1 / 3. cap  
7. Once the holes appear on the surface of the cake, put chocolate toppings or cheddar cheese slices, cover again. 
8. Or you can add strawberry jam in the cake9. Cook until surface of cake is dry, remove and serve. 

Try it, because so simple to make it and tasty!! ^^

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