How to Make Simple Kimbab

How to Make Simple Kimbab

Kimbab is one of the typical Korean food. Kimbab is Korean sushi. If in Japan known as the sushi, then in Korea known as kimbab. Kimbab based rice wrapped in seaweed. And how to make simple kimbab? Here's how to make simple kimbab:
Materials should be prepared:
1.Rice, seasoned with salt & pepper, then stir until completely fluffier.  

2.Kim(Nori) or seaweed, usually shaped like a thin sheet of paper, easily torn, so you have to be careful. 

Toping / contents
1. Cucumber, thinly sliced lengthwise a case of lighters, about 5mm or according to taste.
2. Carrots, like cucumber, thinly sliced
3. Canned tuna, tuna in water is heated in a skillet until slightly dry
4. Omelette, scrambled eggs seasoned pepper, salt, and chili powder if liked add chili powder and cut into strips like matchsticks .

use whatever toping to taste, can add spice teriyaki chicken fillet, oyster sauce chicken, crab, or beef / Bulgogi. 

How to make 
Rolled up like a roll of bread rolls. Should use a cane, like a small mat, but if it does not exist, use rice paper and the results are good.
1. Place the nori / kim, then on the bottom side approximately in the fourth part kim / nori give rice, and add cucumbers and carrots, after which the center is placed side dish, then roll slowly from below, while still rolled up and pressed but not too hard, because nori / kim easily tear * core with feeling * 
2. After a solid and rolled, cut slowly and little pressed for nori should not broken (should remember slowly). Set kimbab on a plate. Ready to serve simple Kimbab ^ _ ^

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