How To Make Potatoes Balado ( My Own Recipe ^_^)

How To Make Potatoes Balado ( My Own Recipe ^_^)

Potatoes Balado is one of my favorite food and my boyfriend too. I often make potatoes Balado for him, because he really liked it. haha ..:)
Principle, my own potatoes balado, it's same like poeple always made, spicy and salty. But I made my Balado spicy sweet taste (Java really), because my boyfriend does not like salty. And I also come from Java,, haha ..

This is how to make sweet potatoes Balado:

  4 potatoes medium size, peeled, rinsed with water, diced and fried until slightly dry.

Spice 1:
1. 3 cloves shallots
2. 3 cloves garlic
3. 1 ginger
4. 1 turmeric
5. pepper to taste
(all spices mashed)

Spice 2:
1. 8 pieces red chili
2. 1 tomato
(chilli and tomato mashed)
How to cook:
1. Heat oil, enter spice 1 stir until fragrant, add spice 2, stir and heat until dry. Add 1 bay leaves, salt, and sugar. Mix and stir until dry. Add a little water, and stir again.
2. Enter fried potatoes, mix well and you can instantly taste the cooking. That's what I always do. :-)
3. Serve warm with hot rice and crackers
Hmmm, it feels really spicy! Yummmy ....

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