Sweet Corn Bakwan from Magelang

Sweet Corn Bakwan from Magelang

Maybe there are some familiar with bakwan. Bakwan is a kind of dumplings made from flour which thawed and then fried. But this is different from usual bakwan. Usually, bakwan made of flour, pieces of cabbage, carrots, green onion leaves, bean sprouts, and seasonings and given water until thick and then fried. This time, different from the usual, typical bakwan Magelang, a typical city in Central Java region is rich in culture and cuisine rich in flavor archipelago.

Bakwan made of corn flour, rice flour for a little crunchy, sweet corn is combed, spring onion, ground spices are garlic, salt, and coriander. All materials are put together, mixed well, and given water until half thickened. The dough is fried in hot oil until golden brown.
It was tasty, sweet and salty.

Yupz, typical fried bakwan magelang ready to serve, taste kriuk kriuk kriuk,, hmmm yummyyy. Add tomato sauce or chili sauce. Add a steady taste .. You can try it at home, simple and delicious!

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